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How to help:



If you are a congregation and would like to participate in Room In The Inn, please contact the shelter team at


Room In The Inn, Open Table Nashville, and Nashville Rescue Mission are collecting items to assist people experiencing homelessness over the cold winter months.


The following items are needed in bulk (please drop them off at Room In The or Nashville Rescue Mission):


Please ensure clothing articles are as new as possible and clean!


Hand warmers




Jackets, hoodies (large sizes - XL, XXL, XXXL) (this allows people to layer)

Lip Balm/Chapstick

Hand Lotion


Hand Sanitizer

Cough drops

Cold medicine (decongestants in pill form, we can’t distribute liquid meds)




Emergency Survival Blankets

The following items are sought by Open Table Nashville to keep people living in encampments safe during extreme cold nights:

WeGo Public Transit bus passes (one way or all day)

Tents (two-person)

Cold weather sleeping bags


Small propane tanks for heaters

Please contact Open Table Nashville at

Financial contributions allow our partner organizations to purchase the most needed items in an emergency situation. It is the most efficient way to help in an emergency situation. Please consider donating to one of our nonprofit emergency shelter and outreach partners:




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